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The Hunnia Kuvasz Association ETSZ is the national breed organization of the Kuvasz Hungarian dog breed. Our organization operates bilingually, following Hungarian-English communication, when the breeding documents are issued in Hungarian. It occurs in accordance with Hungarian regulations, which are internationally valid documents. Foreign persons and foreign NGOs can be supporting members of our association. The recommended rate of sponsoring membership is EUR 20 or more per year. You can apply for membership by completing and returning a bilingual document in the Declaration of Entry.(Belépési Nyilatkozat) Please also attach to this application the breeding documentation of the individuals belonging to the Kuvasz dog you own. If you are a breeder, you must also send us the establishment documents of the kennel by e-mail, or you can register a kennel name by us. For more info pls contact or Secretariat. (iroda@hunniakuvasz.org)

You can register litters from dogs born in your kennel or owned but not living in your kennel. The name of the kennel will be confirmed and the puppies will be registered after receiving the submitted litter notification documents. For the documents, write to the Secretariat, iroda@hunniakuvasz.org recognition of breeding individuals is carried out by submitting documentation confirming the proof of pedigree of the dog, the screening and certification declaration for hip dysplasia, and the successful passing of a breeding inspection that complies with Hungarian regulations. The offspring of such accepted breeding dogs can receive a certificate of pedigree. If any of the documents are not available, the offspring of such dogs can receive a registration form with our organization. Both are public documents and their validity is mandatory in all countries where authentic public documents of Hungary are accepted. (Eg: ID card, passport, etc.) With all your questions, please contact our Secretariat iroda@hunniakuvasz.org

You can submit an application to hold a foreign breeding survey in English, regardless of the spoken language of the country. Foreign breeding tests may only be held by a judge approved by the HKE ETSZ, and they happen in English, the closing judgment documents are issued in Hungarian at first and then English versions can be requested. The necessary documentation is provided free of charge by the HKE ETSZ to organizers of these off-shore breeding tests. The foreign breeding test as an event must be video recorded, the cost of which is the burden of the person or organization hosting it. The recording is archived by HKE ETSZ as well. For details, please contact the Secretariat iroda@hunniakuvasz.org You can request to join the International Kuvasz Discussion Forum, an online discussion group, at the Secretariat, by leaving your email approach and a request for the join. The work of the group is carried out for and with the participation of international specialists through ZOOMUs application channels. Written materials are shared via email, which is operated by our organization.

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Kuvasz Breading and Judge Course


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